Hello reader!

I am Digital Mosha, an Engineer turned digital marketing practitioner, Nah I am not just writing it, I mean it.

Welcome to my website digitalmosha.com. And glad that you checked out the about me page!

My birth name is MD Mohiyuddin Shariff, many people found it difficult to pronounce it. This made me feel awkward that people are pronouncing it differently, started to think about it. One day while bathing I was just searching solution for the name then the worm inside my mind suggested to shorten my name! And, that how I took Mo from Mohiyuddin and Sha from Shariff to rename myself as Mosha. Since I am in the digital field the name Digital Mosha came into existence.

Born to a couple from a town, I was handed over to my guardians living in the city for sake of upbringing. I was brought up in a well-known city by my grandparents.

As a child had a great impact on my life from the society we live in, where discrimination based on the skin is common. A small boy with a question to his mother “Ammi why I am black and others are white”?  And Ammi had no answer but to tell it is a gift of god and would narrate a short story of “Black Ants VS Red Ants” where she made me understood that black was the color of good people.

The word “black” had a major impact on my life that developed an inferiority complex and shy nature in me and these 2 characteristics became my best friends and grown until I started to experience real life.

A child with an inferiority complex and shy nature will lack confidence and other characteristics that are nourishments for one’s growth, which in turn means I was a below-average student who struggled to get good marks and never got appreciation both from the teachers and parents.

I remember an incident that explains the peak of my inferiority complex. In U.K.G a girl from my class used to steal the lunch box of a boy sitting next to me, in fear I never used to see that girl. One fine day she caught and she blamed everything on me, I was so shy that I did not answer any of the questions where my teacher concluded that I was a thief and asked students to be aware of me, this incident made me hate the school and studies.

In every individual’s life there comes a point that makes a person change completely if you got the company of the right person. And I had such a point which I call it as the first turning point of my life and that person was my teacher.

After the summer vacation of Class 2, a new teacher assigned to take care of class 3. Ahhh! that was the teacher who understood me and made me overcome my inferiority complex. At this point, I saw miracle and changes were visible such that started to compete with the best students of my class. This is the reason why a teacher is called the second mother in an individual’s life, he/she plays an important role in our initial days. They do take care of us as those small plants taken care of before becoming trees.

Completed my high school from a Government Boys School and Pre University from a Christian missionary college, the dreams of becoming a doctor shattered when my rank was not up to the mark, and as every typical Indian parent, my dad asked me to a Mechanical Engineer to fulfill my grandfather’s dream of making my father a Mechanical engineer, isn’t it funny? I was forced to join Engineering and reality was not as same as my expectations. The interest was lost and I completed my engineering journey without any destination with many distractions.

The 4th year of Engineering

Started the new chapter of 7th-semester life and was excited about the 8th semester or the last semester of life, there were two sides of life at this moment:
One – The project groups, being seniors of the college, the happiness of getting graduated, The excitement of becoming an Engineer.
Two – Seeing those friends becoming selfish, some unshared pains pressuring my mind, the pain of not fulfilling my dreams, the insecurity of not getting placed.

One side among two sides of life was heavier, I wanted to relieve them. I found out ninja technique of spending time in the natural environment to avoid them and started to visit my hometown and spent some quality time observing nature. One fine day after spending time on my grandfather’s coconut farm left the farm and started my ride towards my home. After few meters, a drunk man in speed hit my bike, fell down with a rolling effect in shock. Tried getting up to see the completely broken leg that had divided my Tibia and Fibula bones into 12-minute pieces.

Got two major surgeries and recovered post 5 months. While in bed learned some of the Important lessons of life

1. You are responsible for your actions.
2. People get bored of you.
3. Everyone leaves you except your parents and some friends.
4. People with disabilities living their lives with confidence are angels.
5. The 4 walls of the hospital where a patient recovers are no less than jail ( Not disrespecting Hospitals).

Post Engineering & post-recovery of the accident surgery, I was thinking about the next step. Wasn’t aware that life had so much to teach me in this process. There was no Guidance from any elders since I was the first graduate from my family. Friends? they were hustling and toiling hard to start a new journey. Relatives? Asked them for any job references, they will assure that they have either some contacts or refer me to the companies they work for and they never pick your calls again. Dad’s friend or their children they make you understand those processes that you already knew, just have nod your head with a smile like a Sanskari boy (well-cultured boy)!

After these steps tried the last one to visit UAE but in vain as my Visa was rejected thrice for an unknown reason!

There was an opening, I applied and was selected as a Program Advisor at the University of the People did it for some months had to leave it since I was not able to handle the mental pressure, it was my first job ( though I was earning as a freelancer in the digital marketing field, will explain in next part of my blog). Searched and changed my job, worked as HVAC Sales & Site engineer along with digital marketing works such as website development on WordPress and other social media activity, had to leave it since the field had no scope and growth in India.

Worked as a Team lead in one of the IT companies, forced to leave because of Pandemic. This is where I made my mind to become a person with financial freedom.