Hey, I have graduated and how to find a job?

Hello please guide me to get a job I need a job whichever field it may be from!

Can you please help me find a job?

Hello, do you work in XYZ company? Please refer me or recommend me for a job.

Hello, I have completed this degree, are there any friends of you working in this field? please connect me with them.

Hey sir, I want to work at your company? Sir at least please give me the small position, sir please at least give me an opportunity to work as an intern in your company!

Sir, I am crossing 25 years of my age have not earned a penny in my life, please help me with any job!

I need a core job, I am not able to find any sir. Please guide me to get the Job!!! please please, please.

This are the kind of messages that pop up on my social media accounts from some of the young people who are said to be the future of our country.

Indeed these are the tough days we all are facing together in this pandemic. Many have lost the jobs, many businesses have come to an end and many are on the way to crash. Newly graduated fellas are finding it hard to find a place for themselves in their respective industries. Many businesses have boomed and are on the way to reach heights of the sky.

So in this crisis thought of writing a blog that would help the people getting a new job or help the, in changing a better job.

Getting a job is easy as well as tough, it is completely upon your mindset if you think it is easy then it is easy and if you think it is tough then it is tough for sure.

Many a time we do listen to something from someone and start believing that instead of experimenting or initiating things we do assume and let go the opportunity.

Sometimes you will be capable of doing something and you judge yourself based on opinions and suggestions of others. If ‘X’ person didn’t succeed in ‘Y’ job/work it is not mandatory that you will be unsuccessful for ‘Y’ job or work.

Before starting the hunt for the job make sure you believe in yourself and have a positive mindset with positive affirmations. While in this process make sure you have a good healthy lifestyle.

So I am going to introduce you all to the professional platform named LinkedIn(which many people would already know and using it)

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network helping people to find and share opportunities every day.

You must need to visit www.LinkedIn.com and create your profile the same as that of other social media. However, please keep in mind that this platform is very different from the other social media platforms. So be professional and polite.

You need to enter the basic information to complete the profile creation

The next step is to optimize your profile! So there might be a lot of questions about optimization, so let me clear that optimization is filling your information such that you appear in the searches for the keyword of related to your field or domain or work.

Basically, you can call optimization as SEO for LinkedIn.

Why should I optimize my profile might be your question right?

Having a great LinkedIn profile helps you attract recruiters’ attention when they’re looking for new talent to join their company’s teams. Don’t forget that 90% of recruiters nowadays use LinkedIn on a regular basis!

What to optimize?

1. Your Profile Picture and Background Picture

Use a high-quality, professional head-shot, preferably 400×400 px. It is recommended you make this picture visible to everyone. I would recommend that you not to upload pictures with formal or casual but the best would be Semi-formal.

You can control your visibility by going to your profile and clicking “Edit public profile and URL” from the upper right corner.

In the right-side column, you see a rundown of your current visibility options. You can choose your profile photo to be seen by your contacts, your network, all LinkedIn Members or “Public”.

When you change your profile picture visibility to the public, you make yourself easier to be found in search by those who look for you via search engines(like Google) or other networks.

Choose a good-quality background picture that represents you or the company or cause you work for.

You can also choose a picture that represents something you are interested in or passionate about. The image size for your background image is 1584×396 px.

2. Your Headline and Summary

In your headline, describe what you do in 120 characters or less. Be original and creative but clear and informative.

Make sure you include in your headline the most relevant keywords, as it makes you easier to find when looking for professionals in your field of specialization in LinkedIn.

Example: Digital Marketer, Developer

Keep your summary brief and interesting, always pay attention to keywords and update your summary regularly to make sure it’s as accurate as possible.

The summary section allows you to add high-quality media, such as images, videos, documents, and links. Be very smart to take advantage of this opportunity, and add relevant media to introduce the visitor to your work or project.

One major trend emerging in LinkedIn is that people are starting to focus on future goals and ambitions instead of only listing (past) achievements.

This is also a good idea, if you are still at the early stages of your career, or if you are in the process of changing careers, as you are able to shift focus to your future instead of your past.

3. Workplace Information

Don’t list all of your previous jobs, unless all of them are relevant to your current situation. Instead, focus on the workplaces and experiences that benefit you the most, and list your greatest achievements and areas of focus.

Remember to update your current position every once and then as well! Many people refresh their job experience for a specific position only after they have left their post and moved on to a new job.

However, many of us see our job descriptions change while we work, and if you are involved in an interesting project or manage to achieve something exceptional while in your current post, it makes sense to update it to your current job experience.

4. Your Skills

Add relevant skills, and ask your friends and colleagues to endorse you.

More is not more when it comes to LinkedIn Skills – it is better to list some relevant skills and gain endorsements than to list a wide array of different type of skills but have no one endorse them.

Make sure you update this section a few times a year as well – whenever you learn a new skill or feel like a skill you have listed is no longer relevant to your career interests, make changes accordingly.

The Target Audience

Target Audience refers to the set of people who you are targeting as the people who can hire you.

Keep in mind that to understand the target audience you are supposed to set an objective, however, our objective is crystal clear to find jobs or to get placed in better jobs.

So before defining your target audience make sure to ask yourself 3 questions!

  1. What do you do?
  2. What are your dream companies?
  3. Who could get you a job or interview offer

Then who could be your potential target audience

  1. Hiring Managers in your dream companies
  2. People in similar roles as you in your dream company.
  3. People in higher roles as you in your dream company.

Knowing more about the LinkedIn connection

Remember Facebook has add friend option, Facebook pages have Like and follow option and Instagram has follow option. Similarly, LinkedIn has connections.

In the Facebook profile you may add up to 5000 friends, In LinkedIn, you can add up to 30,000 connections.

Analyzing connections 

If you are using the LinkedIn from past and you have connections already then you are supposed to remove the irrelevant connections. However, don’t remove the known people from your connections like friends, family members, colleagues and the people who engage with your content.

After removing the said irrelevant connections you are supposed to add connections to grow your network while adding make sure you add relevant people and those people who are your target audience.

While adding people into your connections make sure to add a personal note which makes your audience to initiate conversation.

Example: Hi XXX I have been following your posts about LinkedIn growth marketing for quite some time. I appreciate the knowledge you’ve been sharing and would love to connect. Thanks, YYY(Don’t copy the same use some creativity)

Leverage the other people’s connections

It is nothing but stealing people from other people’s network/connections.

How can we do it might be the question in your mind, isn’t it?

There are two ways to steal Lol!!!!

Groups – Groups are considered to be Goldmines in LinkedIn, you are supposed to join groups who are into placements. After joining you should find your Target audience and connect with them.

Influencer – Find the influencer who is related to your field and engage with his content and connect with the like-minded people from his connections.

You connected with people who are your target audience then what next how do they identify you? How do they notice you are the big concern you might have right now, here comes content in the picture to rescue you?


Types of content for profile

  1. Content for your profile – Posts, articles etc..
  2. Content for others profile – Likes, comments etc..

Types of Contents that works and bring engagement

  1. Stories
  2. Case studies which are authentic
  3. Voicing your opinion (women empowerment, Equal pay, discrimination or any social topics)
  4. Trend hacking (writing about the trends that are going on)

Things to avoid while creating content

  1. Do not talk about politics/sensitive topics
  2. Don’t share links directly into the posts because LinkedIn hates diverting its traffic from its platform to other platforms. Instead, add links in the comment section and ask the audience to check the comment section for links.
  3. Don’t share the videos from other platforms like Facebook, YouTube.

While approaching the people from companies who hire, please make sure to have for and professional conversation and don’t spam.

I hope this blueprint of LinkedIn helps you a lot, comment and please let me know your opinions. If you have any questions reach out to me via social media platforms. My handle is @digitalmosha, make sure you follow me to get updated.

Kindly note that LinkedIn is not only the platform to get jobs there are many, try them all.

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Happy reading