Are You Ready For The Internship That Changed The Direction Of My Life? 

After completing my Bachelor of Engineering in 2017, it was a tough time for the industries related to my professional engineering degree. Everywhere, in the companies, factories and industries the employees, labourers and other classes of technical workers were being laid off.


I had almost lost the hope of getting placed in a job related to my industry or any other industries.

However, from a small age, I was always passionate about Marketing.

I took an opportunity to turn my passion for marketing into a career.

My career was an accident and It started in the year 2015 when I was in 2nd year of my engineering degree. I was appointed as the Social Media Coordinator of the Entrepreneurship cell at my college where I was assigned with many tasks and responsibilities to take care of Social Media platforms and everything was new to me, however, I had learned many basic things from the YouTube platform and blogs.

I started to fall in love with social media platforms and started to experiment with new things from posters to event management.

Because of my love for Social Media platforms, I became very active in them.

One day in the year 2016, a local politician from my hometown approached me through reference and asked to handle his social media accounts because he liked my content and content delivery, thus a new project was initiated(It was my first project of life).

Without any knowledge started to learn things related to social media on platforms like YouTube and other blogs

The first project/contract of providing services to my first client was going well and one day, I suddenly received a call from him about the project and he informed me that the elections are ahead and his ticket was confirmed by party high command. I was asked to lead and manage the digital marketing campaign and back end of his election campaign.

It was a big irresponsibility, basically I had to run an IT cell without any prior experience. I agreed and researched a lot of resources and learned and implemented the knowledge to the campaign successfully. While researching I landed on the landing page of Deepak Kanakaraju where I had learned the free course and Deepak started to send emails. I wasn’t caring about them anymore since my campaign was done.

Time went on I gave Social Media services to other politicians, personalities and small businesses. At a moment in life I realised that I need to be a digital marketer and learn Complete digital marketing, joined a local digital marketing institute at Mysore, India. I learned the basics by paying a fat amount, however, had to join many other advance digital marketing courses from many different digital gurus.

Along with learning I had to work with some start-ups and other companies as Executive, strategist, Team Leader, Marketing Manager and Head of Marketing to keep bucks flowing in.

I learned digital marketing from many great personalities and mentors to start my Personal Brand with the name “Digital Mosha” and founded a small start-up company named “Digital Monster” and had to quit my associations with the other startups and other companies.

As time went by, there was a piece of bad news to the whole world, you guessed it right, it was COVID-19. There were a lot of restrictions because of the covid-19. It was the very toughest time for every business and businessman however, it was even tougher to get leads and convert the prospects into clients in this COVID-19 situation and long term lockdown.

Many of my client’s businesses were shut down, hence had to search for someone who would help me to run my business. That is where I found an amazing mentor who had just started his Internship programs.

I was not sure that the internship would help me get my business because of the past and bad experience and feedback from friends and juniors on Internship.

I had a perception that internships are only about the certificates to showcase the employers who hire us for future jobs and to decorate the CV or resume.

I even had some interactions with my friends and juniors who had some good and bad experiences in their respective Internships. Here are some conversations with some people who shared some experiences with me.

Friend 1: I had a beautiful experience. All the employees and management were so helpful and cooperative they would explain the things in a detailed manner repeatedly.

Friend 2: I had the worst experience in the internship program. Seniors Treated me like an office boy and would use me for their work.

Friend 3: I had a worse experience in Digital marketing Internship at a company, they just used me to add more likes and followers to the social media accounts I learned nothing in this process.

Friend 4: Joined as an intern at auditor’s office, instead of teaching me things related to the profession I was just asked to bring coffees for clients and handle the email queries of prospects. It was a waste of precious time

After going through the situations and experience that were faced by my dear friends and juniors I would say that the majority of the internships are either fake or they are of less use when compared to skill requirements in industries.

Hence there is a notion among the students, employers and some of my friends circle that internships are of no use since they don’t add on the skills.

Also, there is an instance with one of my friends when he showcased the internship in his CV during the time of the interview, the interviewer had openly said that he doesn’t take internships seriously.

So due to these bad experience, I too promised myself not to do any internships, however, I had a thought that not every internship is bad and researched about internships in the digital marketing domain, learned that Deepak kanakaraju’s internship program had high trust and credibility, so decided to give a shot at it.

Attended his webinar and got convinced because the internship was free of cost, yes you heard it right it is free of cost however, you need to pay a nominal amount which you will be returned to you via UPI upon completion of your internship assignments

You might ask why we need to pay a nominal amount?

When you get a thing completely for free you don’t value that isn’t it? The same way if the internship program is offered completely free you will not take the Internship program seriously which might make you more careless and eventually you might lose interest in it, hence if you get cash back for every completed assignment it drives your interest and you work hard for every assignment.

After the webinar, I joined the Internship program batch 4 where I learned a lot of things practically and was able to convert clients.

Deepak Kanakaraju teaches everything practically and it has to be implemented in assignments, remember Digital marketing is not rocket science. It is very simple when you understand and implement it.

Keep in mind that this Internship program is for both beginners and semi-professionals.

There are no time restrictions. You can easily complete the task if you can give your precious 3 hours a week.

If you are really interested in joining the Internship program I would recommend you to attend the webinar and join his program.

You can click here to attend the Internship program’s webinar by Deepak Kanakaraju

You can also learn more about Deepak Kanakaraju by visiting his blog

I hope this article helps you with your new endeavours.

If you have something to tell you can contact me via email.

Happy reading!



An Engineer turned digital marketing practitioner

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